Bachelor of Health Industry Technology (Hons)

//Bachelor of Health Industry Technology (Hons)
Bachelor of Health Industry Technology (Hons) 2023-10-16T11:26:36+00:00


  1. The first of its kind at USIM
  2. Using the ‘Apprenticeship’ method where students will study not only in university, but also in industry.
  3. Undergoing studies on campus for 2 years while studying in industry for 1 year.
  4. Industrial Training (LI) for 1 semester of study.
  5. Teaching will make extensive use of Work Based Learning (WBL) teaching methods that will provide more in -depth exposure to the way industry works.

Programme’s objective

  1. To produce graduates who are ready with the demands of the industry.
  2. University – Industry Cooperation especially in industrial training and MoU
  3. Industry involvement in curriculum development

Career Opportunities

Health Industry Technology graduates have a wide range of job opportunities both in the private and government sectors, where they can apply knowledge and apply problem -solving skills. Among the career opportunities that can be pursued by graduates are Medical Device Halal Executive, Medical Regulator, Research scientist, Medical Device Consultant, Medical Auditor, Equipment specialist, Medical Facility Manager and also involved in the field of education.


The Malaysian Board of Technologist recognizes this program by setting precise guidelines for graduates of this program to emerge as a technologist.