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Dr. Syahida Suhaimi

Head of Programme (Applied Physics)

06-798 8451
Expertise :
Material Physics Nanomaterial

Dr. Norhana Abd Rahim

Head of Programme (Actuarial Science & Risk Management)

06-798 6363
Expertise :
Actuarial Mathematics Financial Mathematics Applied Statistics

Dr. Nurzi Juana Mohd Zaizi

Head of Programme (Information Security & Assurance)

06-798 8769
Expertise :
Security in Semantic Web & Ontology

Dr. Siti Masitah Elias

Head of Programme (Financial Mathematics)

06-798 8761
Expertise :
Optimization modeling; Investment; Financial Management

Dr. Nur Zazarina Ramly

Head of Programme (Food Biotechnology)

06-798 6537
Molecular Biology, Protein Expression, Protein X-ray Crystallography, Environment Sustainability

Dr. Sofina Tamam

Head of Programme (Health Industrial Technologi)

06-798 6365
Expertise :
Medical Imaging, Biophysics & Instrumentation; Human Anatomy & Physiology; Radiation & Radiotherapy

Dr. Lailatun Nazirah Ozair

Head of Programme (Industrial Chemical Technology)

06-798 8456
Expertise :
Coordination chemistry; Synthesis and computational chemistry