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1 Managing Laboratory Safety 1/8 199 (F2F) MOHD HAFEZ MOHD ISA (m.hafez@usim.edu.my) This course introduces participants on the legislation, guidelines, and essential knowledge on how to manage laboratory safety. In this course, participants will gain a better understanding on identification and managing different types of hazards involving laboratory practices, as well as guidelines on how to control the risk. Anyone from non OSH Degree or diploma programme.
2 ISO31000:2018 Risk Management Principles. Framework and Process 2/16 399 (F2F)

105 (Online)

RABIHAH MD. SUM (rabihah@usim.edu.my) This is an introductory course to ISO31000 risk management. The course will enable participants to understand risk management, learn about ISO31000 principles, framework and process. Anyone involves in managing risks in their organization.
3 Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery 2/16

399 (F2F)

105 (Online)

RABIHAH MD. SUM (rabihah@usim.edu.my) This course is intended for beginners or novices to business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The course is designed to cover all areas of business continuity and disaster recovery planning and to provide the attendees with enough information to understand the concepts, principles, terminologies and available  solutions in this subject area. Participants will be able to understand and appreciate the need and importance of business continuity and disaster recovery planning in today’s competitive business environment. This course is also designed to provide in-depth coverage in the BCM project initiation. This will be particularly beneficial for personnel embarking on their organisations’ business continuity project. We will provide insight into some tried and tested methods and tools in designing, developing and implementing a business continuity project for a medium to large size

Beginners, Business Continuity Team Members, Business Continuity Planners, Business Continuity Project Managers, Business Continuity Team Leaders, Risk Practitioners.

4 Office Automation 3/24

569 (F2F)

139 (Online)

ZULKIFLY MOHD ZAKI (zulkifly@usim.edu.my) This course is aimed at exposing participants to ICT technology. It is a training program designed to improve knowledge on the use of information processing and presentation. The training will be conducted in a practical form will facilitate learning with the content of the courses that are arranged for easily understood. The course covers the use of Microsoft Office (i.e. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) effectively in the production of information and documents.

Professional and support group in government agencies and private sector, Junior and middle level management, Individual self-development

5 Openoffice: Office Applications 3/24 569 (F2F)

139 (Online)

ZULKIFLY MOHD ZAKI (zulkifly@usim.edu.my) Openoffice.org is an open source office suite and it is compatible with all other major office suites and free to download, use and distribute.  This course focuses on the fundamentals of using OpenOffice.org as an essential tool in the Office.  This course wills emphasis on hands-on sessions with short lectures.

Professional and support group in government agencies and private sector, Junior and middle level management, Individual self-development

6 Design thinking and 3D printing: Combination of the future 5/40 2499 (F2F) MOHD IFWAT MOHD GHAZALI (ifwat@usim.edu.my) In today’s future, design thinking place a huge role in designing a new product as well as product development. Strategizing and optimizing the best solutions is essential in satisfying the need of the customers or clients. A combination of 3D printing allows the participant to be innovative and creative. Provide an entrepreneurial mindset and be equipped with creative problem-solving. Besides, the participant will become a creator instead of just consumer/ use or for better works prosumer which can collaborate effectively and leverage on each other’s strengths in a group project environment.

Professional and support group in government agencies and private sector, Individual self-development, and students