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Grant Recipients 2022

Grants  Title   Main Researcher  
USIM  Active Case Predection of Epidemic Infection Based On Seird Mathematical Modeling Covid-19 Active Case Study In Malaysia  Dr Azrul Azim Bin Mohd Yunus 
Dehydrogenative  Mechanism Of Alpha‑Oxygenation Of Cyclic Ethers By A  Cis-Trans High-Valent Manganese(Iv)-Oxo Species  Dr Muhammad Qadri Effendy Bin Mubarak 
A New Ontology Components Extraction Algorithm Based On Rough Set Theory Based On Covid-19 Domain Texts  Prof. Madya Dr. Nurlida Binti Basir 
An Intelligent Ransomware Detection And Prevention Model Based On Adaptive Deep Learning Algorithm  Dr. Nurzi Juana Binti Mohd Zaizi 
Modification Of Vegetable Oils Using Hydrophilic And Lipophilic Moieties To Produce Wax Esters For Cosmetic Formulations  Prof. Madya Dr. Salina Binti Mat Radzi 
Assessment Of Competency Gap To Enhance Workforce Performance In 5g Vertical Areas And Applications  Dr. Aminatul Saadiah Binti Abdul Jamil 
Awareness, Perception, Acceptance And Adoption Of Malaysia’s National Digital Identity (Ndi) Initiatives From Service Providers’ Perspective  Dr. Azira Binti Khalil 
GERAN ANTARABANGSA  Sustainable Smart Hybrid Nanocomposites Polyurethane Using 4d Printing  Prof. Madya Dr. Ernie Suzana Binti Ali 
GERAN FRGS-KPT  A New Hybrid Deep Neural Network Model For Detection Of Malware Attacks On The Internet Of Medical Things Environment  Dr Azuan Bin Ahmad 


Grant Recipients 2021

Grants Title  Main Researcher  Contact 
USIM Priliminary Study On The Microplastics Occurance In Sungai Batang Benar, Nilai Prof. Dato’ Dr. Musa Bin Ahmad
Conversion And Characterization Of Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) And Yard Waste Through Liquefaction Method Dr Nur Atiqah Binti Nasir
Structural And Electrical Properties Of Si/ZnO/C And Si/Zn/C Nanostructure Composites As Anode Using Hot Tube Thermal Evaporation System For High Capacity Batteries Dr Syahida Binti Suhaimi
Modified Waste Chicken Bones Derived Bi-Functional Catalyst For Biodiesel Production From High Free Fatty Acids Waste Cooking Oil Prof. Madya Dr. Farah Wahida Binti Harun
Physicochemical And Biological Water Quality Assessment Of USIM Lake For Recreational Purposes Prof. Dato’ Dr. Musa Bin Ahmad
Aktiviti Inspirasi Sains Dan Teknologi Melalui Modul Udara Dan Pencemaran Kepada Pelajar Serta Latihan Eksperimentasi Sains Kepada Para Guru Bagi Meningkatkan Kualiti Pendidikan Masyarakat Luar Bandar Di Negeri Sembilan Dr Syaza Binti Azhari


Grant Recipients 2020

Grants Title  Main Researcher  Contact 
COVID-19 Internet of Things Mechanism for Smart Temperature Screening Dr Azuan Ahmad
3D Printed Emergency Device (Ventilator) Dr Mohd Ifwat Mohd Ghazali
Interpretive Structural Modelling for a Just-in-Time Pandemic Response Management Through Centralized Database for Hospitals in Malaysia Dr Nurdiana Azizan
Intelligent Mobotder Model for Securing Users Against Covid-19 Cybercrime Attacks Prof. Madya Dr Madihah Mohd Saudi
FRGS-KPT Unsupervised Automated Keyword Extraction Mechanism From Parallel Corpora For A Multi-Lingual Information Retrieval Online Query Translation Prof Dr. Norita Md Norwawi
Balanced Cover Audio Suggestion For Audio Steganography Algorithm Based On Nsga-Ii, Segmentation And Chaotic Map Prof Madya Dr Farida Hazwani Mohd Ridzuan
A New DNA-Inspired Symmetric Encryption Algorithm For Strong Randomness Properties. Dr Nur Hafiza Zakaria
Study Of Mechanical Properties Of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Blend From Food Waste Via Additive Manufacturing For Medical Applications Dr Mohd Ifwat Mohd Ghazali
New Theoretical Formulation Of Quanto Options Price In Energy Markets Dr Noor’Adilah Ibrahim
New Fundamental Framework For Forecasting Of Economic Bubble Rupture And Its Impact On B40 Groups Prof Madya Dr Nurfadhlina Abdul Halim
Developing A Retirement Savings Decision Model Using Path Analysis Among B40 Groups Towards Achieving Sustainable Retirement Dr Nurul Sima Mohamad Shariff
Modelling The Multi-Scale Currency Exposure Using Wavelet Technique For Optimal Hedging Strategies Among Non-Financial Firms In Malaysia Dr Hishamuddin Abdul Wahab
Formulation Of Long Term Pension Sustainability Model Following Population Ageing In Malaysia Prof Madya Dr Rose Irnawaty Ibrahim
A Formulation Of New Cola-Based Pension Scheme Model For Elderly Society Using Adjusted Annuity Factor Dr Norhana Abd Rahim
Lard Metabolite Fingerprinting From Different Pig Breeds In Malaysia And Their Baking Product Using Metabolomics Analysis. Dr Hanis Nadia Yahya
Effect Of Down-Stream Processing On Physicochemical Variation And In-Vitro Bioaccessibility Of Chloroplast-Rich Fraction (CRF) From Sweet Potato Haulm Dr Siti Radhiah Omar
RACER-USIM Developing Shariah Compliant Portfolio Based on Maqasid Al-Shariah Framework Dr Asmah Mohd Jaapar
Effect of Drying Techniques on Durian Seeds Biopolymer Characteristics as a Sustainable Co-Nutrient and Encapsulating Agent for Probiotics Dr Siti Radhiah Omar
Microplastic Contamination in Shellfish Harvested at Different Sea Location in Malaysia Dr Hanis Nadia Yahya
Existence of Perfect Triangles on The Curve C5 : Rational Points on Elliptic Curve Dr Shahrina Ismail
The Impact of Different Drying Methods and Storage Conditions on the Physicochemical Stability of Sweet Potato Haulm Juice Dr Syamila Mansor
Concept Study On End To End Encryption (E2ee) Messaging For Maintaining Privacy Using Enhanced Digital Signature Techniques For Confidential Internal Data Protection Dr Sundresan A/L Perumal
Strategy Development On E-Learning Software Platform Dr Sundresan A/L Perumal
Mismis Resource Planning Analytics System (MRPAS) Dr Sundresan A/L Perumal


Grant Recipients 2019

Grants Title  Main Researcher  Contact 
FRGS Adsorption Mechanism And Electrical Properties Of Carbon Aerogel Extracted From Selected Agriculture Waste’S Cocktail In Understanding Its Hydrogen Storage Behaviours Muhammad Zamir Bin Othman
Formulation Of Myocardial Infarction Model Based On Cox Proportional Hazard Approach Among B40 Smokers
Yumn Suhaylah Binti Yusoff
Physicochemical Properties Of Modified Phosphomolybdic Acid/Hydrotalcite Catalyzed Hydrolytic Oxidation Of Cellulose To Formic Acid
Tengku Syafazila Bt Tengku Saharuddin
Structural And Physicochemical Studies Of Palladium (Ii) With Tetraaza Salt Ligands By Non-Templating Synthetic Pathway
Lailatun Nazirah Binti Ozair
Enhancement Of Lightweight Cryptosystem Using 3D Rectangle Algorithm To Improve Security Performance And Optimize Energy Consumption In  Iot System
Azni Haslizan Ab Halim
E-Addict Proposed Framework For Mitigating Risks Of Digital Addiction Among Adolescents In Malaysia
Hanifah Binti Abdul Hamid
Formulation Of Long-Term Care Takaful Pricing Model Based On Risk Factors Among The Elderly In Malaysia
Mazlynda Binti Md Yusuf
A New Resilient Algorithm For Mitigating Malware Attacks On Mobile Phone Using Malware Phylogenetic And Apoptosis
Madihah Binti Mohd Saudi
Developing A New Equity -Based Financing Model By Using Equilibrium Formulation Towards Achieving Long-Term Sustainable Finance
Siti Raihana Binti Hamzah
FRGS-RACER Mechanistic Study Of Microbial Community From Mangrove Rhizosphere For Plant Probiotic Testing On Duckweed
Nazariyah Binti Yahaya
Novel Internet Of Medical Things (Iomt) Based Data Management Algorithm To Transform Traditional Resuscitation Room Procedure To Smart Resuscitation Room.
Sundresan S/O Perumal
Health Information Management Of Lymphatic Treatment Model For Leg Pain Resolution
Fauziah Binti Abdul Wahid
Conversion Of Paper Waste To Lactic Acid: Towards Integrating Naqli And Aqli
Shikh Mohd Shahrul Nizan Bin Shikh Zahari
Characterization And Analytical Optimization Of Electrochemical Biosensor For Determination Of Biogenic Amine In Food Sample.
Syaza Binti Azhari
UCG Developing A New Model For Cyber Terrorism Classification On Social Media Analytics Based On Sentiment Analysis
Azuan Bin Ahmad
USIM Immittance Responses And Ionic Conduction Mechanism Studies Of Enhanced Cmc Solid Biopolymer Electrolytes Via Ftir Deconvolution Approach
Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ikmar Nizam Bin Mohamad Isa
The Determination Of Brain Wave Power Value Of Pain Perception And Empathy Towards The Loved-One Using The Electroencephalogram
Dr. Sofina Binti Tamam
Breaking The Language Barrier : Using Quick Response (Qr) Code Translator In Enhancing Access Of Library Collections
Dr. Roesnita Binti Ismail
Investigation Of Tri-Modality Image Registration For Navigating Cardiovascular Disease Treatment Procedure
Dr. Azira Binti Khalil


An Innovation Of High Rich Protein Food From Duckweed Plants
Dr. Nazariyah Binti Yahaya
Kerjasama Universiti-


Im-Pdrm : Secured  End To End (E2Ee) Messaging Application For Maintaining Privacy Using Enhanced Digital Signature Techniques For Confidentional Government Unit
Dr. Sundresan A/L Perumal
Kerjasama Universiti-


Ph Sensitive Polyethersulfone (Pes) – Nanocomposite Nanofiltration Membrane For Highly Efficient Dyes Removal
Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Hafez Bin Mohd Isa
NATIONAL Intelligent Malaysia Occupational Safety, Security And Environmental Drone (Imossed-1) As A New Safety Inspection Tool At Construction Site In Malaysia
Prof. Madya Dr. Madihah Binti Mohd Saudi

INDUSTRI 4.0 (IR 4.0)

Kiple Fraud Management System Dr. Sundresan A/L Perumal


Grant Recipients 2018

Grants Title  Main Researcher  Contact 
FRGS Formulation of household diet quality and food costs trade-off model to measure food insecurity risks. Dr. Siti Masitah Elias
Effective Hybrid Method for Cauchy type Singular Double Integrals Dr. Zainidin Eshkuvatov
A New Approach to Profit Calculation in Islamic Home Financing Dr. Sharifah Fairuz Binti Syed Mohamad
A New Approach Based on Rough Set Theory for Ontology Extraction Dr. Nur Fatin Nabila Bt Mohd Rafei Heng
Enhancing Decision Making process for Return-To-Work (RTW) assessment in Rehabilitation Clinic Using Horn Clause technique PM. DR. Waidah Binti Ismail
USIM Magnetite-Polyvinylpyrrolidone Nanocomposites as Adsorbents For The Removal Of Oil Spills From Aqueous Environments Dr. Shikh Mohd Shahrul Nizan Bin Shikh Zahari
Household Income Prediction Model Due to Fluctuation Fuel Price In Malaysia Dr. Norhana Binti Abd. Rahim
Behavioural Decision Making for Retirement Savings Dr. Nurul Sima Binti Mohamad Shariff
Gold Naoparticle-Based Colorimetric Assay for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin via Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices Dr. Mohd Hafiz Bin Abu Hassan
Synthesis And Anticancer Studies of Coumarin Derivatives and Their Complexes Prof. Madya Dr. Juliana Binti Jumal
INTERNATIONAL How To Sell Halal Cosmetics Among Selected Manufacturers and Why Consumers Purchase Halal Cosmetics in Malaysia and Indonesia Prof. Madya Dr. Alina Binti Abdul Rahim
HEADSTART PROGRAM Synthesis And Band Gap Studies of Low Temperature Metallomesogen [FE2(RCOO)4(2,2′-BIPY)2] and [FE2(P-R’OC6H4COO)4(2,2′-BIPY)2] Complexes as Potential Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) Dr Lailatun Nazirah Binti Ozair
Encapsulation Of Kaffir Lime Leaves Essential Oil in Chitosan and Its Antimicrobial Activity Dr Tengku Syafazila Binti Tengku Saharuddin
PRGS eZCyberCrime Detection and Response Mobile Apps Prototype for Smartphone PM. Dr. Madihah Binti Mohd Saudi
USIM Technology Supported Inquiry Instructional Model from Al-Quran for Islamic Science Prof. Dr. Norita Binti Md Norwawi


Grant Recipients 2017

Grants Title  Main Researcher  Contact 
FRGS Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization For Cover Audio Selection In Audio Steganography DR. FARIDA HAZWANI BINTI MOHD RIDZUAN
A New Algorithm Of Geo-Encryption Based On Location For Secure Cloud Storage DR. SAKINAH BINTI ALI PITCHAY
Montmorillonite Clay Modified With Metal Cations As Acid Catalysts For Biodiesel Production From Waste Cooking Oil. DR. FARAH WAHIDA BINTI HARUN
Tensiometric Surface Measurement By Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor For Medical Diagnostic DR. NUR ATHIRAH MOHD TAIB
Elucidation Of Meat Quality In Halal And Non-Halal Broiler Chicken Using Metabolomics Approach DR. MOHD NAZMI BIN ABD MANAP
USIM The Multi-Objective Decision Making (Modm) Model Of Islamic Banking For Financial Resources Allocation Dr. KARMILA HANIM KAMIL
The Stochastic Asset Investment Model For Insurer DR. NORIZARINA ISHAK
INTERNATIONAL Mechanisme Of Shape Memory Properties By Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC) In Palm Oil Based Polyol Dr. Ernie Suzana Ali
HEADSTART PROGRAM Mechanism Of Diallyl-Disulfide (Dds) In Influencing Resistant Of Host Plants Against Phytopathogens Using Metabolite Profiling Dr. Nazariyah binti Yahaya
HEADSTART PROGRAM Dr. Muhammad Zamir Othman
KHAS Pembangunan Ensiklopedia Digital Solat Dr. Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi


Grant Recipients 2016

Grants  Title Main Researcher Contact 
TRGS A New Model For Content Understanding And Knowledge Dissemination Of The Quran Using Intelligent Data Model PROF. DR. ROSALINA BINTI ABDUL SALAM
FRGS Intelligent Spam Detection Model Based On Immunological Memory Of Adaptive Immune System DR. NURLIDA BINTI BASIR
Electrical Studies Of Renewable Bionanocomposite Biopolymer Electrolyte For Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Application PROF. MADYA DR. AZWANI SOFIA BINTI AHMAD KHIAR
Synthesis Of Nano-Structured Composite Thin Film Membranes By Nanoparticle/Surfactant Materials Blending With High-Flux And Fouling Resistance Properties DR. ABDUL RAHMAN BIN HASSAN
USIM Towards A Dynamic Bring Your Own Device(Byod) Policy Using Machine Learning Algorithm ZUL HILMI BIN ABDULLAH
A Method For Extracting Non-Taxonomic Relation NUR FATIN NABILA BINTI MOHD RAFEI HENG
New Countermeasure Approach On Xml Digital Signature Against Wrapping Attack AZREENA BINTI ABU BAKAR
A Comprehensive Assessment Model For Information Management Criteria Based On Syariah Compliance DR. FAUZIAH BINTI ABDUL WAHID
A New Usability Evaluation Tool For Mobile Application Interface By Using An Enhanced Pacmad Model DR. ROESNITA BINTI ISMAIL
A New Mobile Botnet Taxonomy Model Inspired By Genetic Algorithm DR. NURZI JUANA BINTI MOHD ZAIZI
Evaluation Of Tyrosinse And Free Radical Scavenging Activities Of Kojic Acid (Ka) Kojic Acid Monooleate(KAMO) PROF. MADYA DR. SALINA BINTI MAT RADZI
An Intelligent Quranic Repository Retrieval Model DR. KAMARUDIN BIN SAADAN
Metal Cation -Exchanged Montmorillonite K10 As A Green Catalyst For Production Of Oleic Acid Alkyl Esters DR. FARAH WAHIDA BINTI HARUN
Newton-Kantorovich Method For Solving A Class Of Nonlinear Integral Equations PROF. MADYA DR. ZAINIDIN ESHKUVATOV
Physical-Chemical Properties And Microbiological Quality Analysis Of Honey From Stingless Bee PROF. MADYA DR. ZAITON BINTI HASAN
Highly Efficient Recovery Of Surfactin Via One-Step Micellar Enhanced Ultrafiltration(MEUF) Technique DR. MOHD HAFEZ BIN MOHD ISA
Isolation,Purification And Characterization Of Used Palm Oil-Degrading Bacteria From Polluted Soil And Water Araound Nilai,Negeri Sembilan PROF. MADYA DR. SITI SALHAH BINTI OTHMAN
A New Scam Detection Model Inspired By Apoptosis PROF. MADYA DR. HAJI ISMAIL ABDULLAH
Quality-In-Use Of Web Application Evaluation Model (QINUEM) NURUL FATHIHIN BINTI MOHD NOOR SHAH
Developing Sequence Of Finite Verticles Of Fuzzy Topographic Mapping DR. AZRUL AZIM BIN MOHD YUNUS
Factors Affecting Market Behavior In Terms Of Inclination To Choose Between Conventional Insurance And Takaful Based On Demographic Attributes NORAZMIR BIN MOHD NORDIN
Smart Coating From Palm Oil Based Acrylic-Polyurethane DR. ERNIE SUZANA BINTI ALI
News Bias,U.S. Equity Flows And Stock Market Returns: A Study On Bursa Malaysia NORLIDA BINTI MAHUSSIN
Interactive And Automated Course Scheduling System, For USIM PROF. MADYA SAMIAPPAN MARAPPAN
Empirical Evidence Of Risk Shifting In Bonds And Sukuk DR. SITI RAIHANA BINTI HAMZAH
Detection Of Animal Blood Plasma In Surimi-Based Product Using Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique DR. NUR HUDA BINTI FAUJAN
NAHRIM Fabrication Of Modified Nanofiltration Membrane For The Removal Of Industrial Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDSC) DR. ABDUL RAHMAN BIN HASSAN
INTERNATIONAL National Open Educational Resources (OER) Policy Development For Malaysia PROF. DR. ROZHAN BIN MOHAMMED IDRUS
Intellirehab – Intelligent Medical System With Customised Excercises For Personalized Home Telerehabilitation DR. WAIDAH BINTI ISMAIL