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Risk Management can be defined as applied science, focusing specifically on mathematics and statistics, economics and finance to solve financial problems involving uncertainty in value. Risk Management master’s programme will equip you with the all-round knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the constantly evolving fields of insurance, risk and risk management. Risk Management knowledge will use mathematical skills and numeracy skills to identify, analyze, and solve problems in business and social. Those who want to follow this program must have a strong interest and ability in math.

MSc Risk Management programme intends to produce risk managers who will:

  • PEO1: Can combine knowledge (LO1) and practical skills (LO2) in Risk Management to serve the nation and society(LO1, LO2);
  • PEO2: Able to lead (LO5), teamwork (LO5), social skills (LO3), effective communication skills (LO5) and knowledge-solving problems in critical and scientific thinking (LO6) (LO3, LO5, LO6);
  • PEO3: Always trying to improve lifelong knowledge (LO7), have good management skills (LO8) and ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities (LO8) in the Risk Management and related industries (LO7, LO8);
  • PEO4: Practice ethical and professional values in a career (LO4).

At the end of the program, students are able to:

  • PO1: Seek and use core and advanced knowledge in Insurance and Risk Management (LO1);
  • PO2: Have practical skills in a particular field, as well as analyzing and interpreting data for research use in Risk Management (LO2);
  • PO3: Have social accountability as a learned and responsible person (LO3);
  • PO4: Committed to upholding ethical and professional responsibilities and integrating with the knowledge of Naqli and Aqli (LO4);
  • PO5: Communicate effectively and demonstrate leadership skills in team work environments (LO5).
  • PO6: Think critically in identifying, analyzing and solving problems using appropriate techniques (LO6);
  • PO7: Obtain and disseminate scientific information related to the field of Risk Management as well as demonstrating a desire for lifelong learning (LO7);
  • PO8: Skills in entrepreneurship and management and apply it (LO8)

Graduate in this field may enter the takaful and insurance industry, consultancy, funds, securities, stocks, finance, banking, marketing, reinsurance, investment, capitalization, health, transportation (land, sea and air), mining, oil, business and multinational companies . They can also be entrepreneurs, franchise holders or work in the public sector (such as in central banks, inland revenue, financial groups, public trustees, or education).