Industrial Chemical Technology

//Industrial Chemical Technology
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Dr. Lailatun Nazirah Ozair
Head of Programme (Industrial Chemical Technology)
Coordination chemistry; Synthesis and computational chemistry
Prof. Dato’ ChM. Dr. Musa Ahmad
Professor VK6
Sensor; Bioassay methods
Associate Prof. ChM. Dr Siti Salhah Othman
Associate Professor DS54
Isolation and Identification of Lipase; Producing Microorganisms; Immobilization of Enzyme; Bioorganic Synthesis
Associate Prof. ChM. Dr. Farah Wahida Harun
Lecturer DS54
Heterogeneous Catalysis; Biodiesel and Polyol Synthesis; Metal Complexes
Associate Prof. Dr. Mohd Hafez Mohd Isa
Associate Professor DS54
Chemical safety management; Industrial biotechnology; Nuclear industry; Laboratory safety; CHRA and IHT (chemical monitoring)
Associate Prof. ChM. Dr. Mohd Sukri Hassan
Associate Professor DS54
Analytical Chemistry with Chemometrics; Halal Forensics; Forensics Chemistry
Associate Prof. ChM. Dr. Juliana Jumal
Associate Prof. DS54
Organic Chemistry; Synthesis Chemistry; Electrochemical Sensor
Associate Prof. Dr. Che Wan Zanariah Che Wan Ngah
Associate Professor DS54
Analytical Chemistry
Associate Professor. Dr. Salina Md Radzi
Associate Professor DS54
Bioorganic synthesis; Enzyme technology
Dr. Mohd Hafiz Abu Hassan
Senior Lecturer DS51
Environmental Engineering
Dr. Nur Atiqah Nasir
Senior Lecturer DS51
Thermochemical conversion; Catalytic conversion; Biomass characterization
Dr. Shikh Mohd Shahrul Nizan Shikh Zahari
Senior Lecturer DS51
Synthesis and Applications of Ionic Liquids; Synthesis and Applications of Nano- and Magnetic Materials; Integrated Biorefinery; Valorisation of Biopolymers
Dr. Tengku Shafazila Tengku Saharuddin
Senior Lecturer DS51
Catalyst; Renewable Energy; Natural Product; Biomaterial
Dr. Syaza Azhari
Senior Lecturer DS51
Electrochemistry; Analytical chemistry
Dr. Muhammad Qadri Effendy Mubarak
Senior Lecturer DS51
Computational chemistry, Density Functional Technology, Chemoinformatic
Dr. Nur Amalina Mohd Amin
Senior Lecturer DS51
Biocatalysis; Biomaterials; Immobilized Enzymes; Ionic Liquids