Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Financial Mathematics

//Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Financial Mathematics
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Mathematical finance is an application of advanced mathematical methods to financial markets and financial management, using advanced computer technology to predict market behavior and propose strategies for investment.

Today, banks and other financial institutions typically use mathematical techniques and financial theories to get competitive benefits. The mathematical model is used to predict returns, measuring the risks and value of more intense transactions. The methodology developed, as well as assisted by advanced computer technology, is the ideal tool for traders and portfolio managers. This development has led to a great demand for graduates who have knowledge in mathematical finance.

Financial mathematics can help Malaysia to become more competitive in addressing issues related to trade, investment, international marketing and globalization. Those who are interested in exploring this field need to have a high level of interest in mathematics, economics and finance.



The Financial Mathematical programme will produce Financial Analysts who will:

  • PEO1: Can use knowledge, practical and technical skills to serve the nation and society (LO1, LO2);
  • PEO2: Able to lead and work in teams to fulfill social responsibility and solve problems through effective communication (LO3, LO5, LO6);
  • PEO3: Always strive to increase knowledge and be able to identify competitive business opportunities (LO7, LO8);
  • PEO4: Practice ethical and professional values in providing services (LO4).

At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • PO1: Getting and using core and advanced knowledge in finance mathematics (LO1);
  • PO2: Analyze and interpret data for research use in the field of mathematical finance through practical and technical skills (LO2);
  • PO3: Have social accountability and responsibility (LO3);
  • PO4: Strengthen ethical and professional responsibilities in a committed manner (LO4);
  • PO5: Communicate effectively and demonstrate leadership skills in team work environments (LO5).
  • PO6: Think critically in identifying, analyzing and solving problems involving related areas in finance (LO6).
  • PO7: Obtain and disseminate information related to financial mathematics as well as show the desire for lifelong learning (LO7).
  • PO8: Exploring entrepreneurship and management (LO8).



Graduate in Mathematical Finance has a wider career opportunity especially in investment and commercial banks, investment firms and brokers, insurance companies, accounting firms and consultants, treasury departments for non-financial corporations, public institutions and international organizations, as well as technology vendors and software that provides products and services to the financial industry.



 Curriculum Structure of Bachelor of Computer Science with Honors (Financial Mathematics) Session 2017/2018