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Dr. Nadhrah Md Yatim

Senior Lecturer DS51 Head of Programme | Phone: 06-798 6431

Expertise: Heat Harvesting, Thermoelectrics.

Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ikmar Nizam Mohamad Isa

Professor VK7 | Phone: 06-797 8740
Expertise: Material Physics, Physical Science

Associate Prof. Dr. Azwani Sofia Ahmad Khiar

Associate Professor DS54 | Phone: 06-798 6541
Expertise: Other Funtional Material, Polymer, Electrolytes

Associate Prof. Dr. Ernie Suzana Ali

Associate Professor DS54 | Phone: 06-798 8784
Expertise: Bio Material, Nano – Materials, Smart  Materials, Composite Materials

Associate Prof. Dr. Awangku Abdul Rahman Hj. Awangku Yussuf

Associate Professor DS53 | Phone: 06-798 8106, 06-798 6491
Expertise: Optics, Non-Linear Optics, Quantum Optics

Associate Prof. Dr. Mohd Azman Hashim @Ismail

Senior Lecturer DS54 & Director of Islamic Science Institute | Phone: 06-798 6555

Expertise: Energy Storage, Electrochemical Materials, Membranes

Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmad Nazrul Rosli

Senior Lecturer DS54 & Deputy Dean (Student Affairs and Alumni) of FST | Phone: 06 798 6539 ext:
Expertise: Other Theoritical and Computational,  Physics, Atomic and Molecular Structure

Dr. Wan Maisarah Mukhtar

Senior Lecturer DS51 & Lab Co-ordinator of FST | Phone: 06-798 8780
Expertise: Electro -Optics and Light Modulation, Fibre Optics and Waveguides

Dr. Affa Rozana Abdul Rashid

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: 06-798 8786
Expertise: Nano Photonic, Nano – Materials

Dr. Syahida Suhaimi

Senior Lecturer DS51  | Phone: 06-7988451

Expertise: Nanomaterials Fabrication and Characterization, Dye-sensititized Solar Cell (DSSC)

Dr. Sofina Tamam

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: 06-798 6365

Expertise: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) of pain studies, Developing fMRI paradigm design using E-prime for pain-brain-activation, Dynamic Causal Modelling (DCM), Bayesian Model Selection (BMS), Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM)

Dr. Nur Athirah Mohd Taib

Senior Lecturer DS51  | Phone: 06-798 8774

Expertise: Diode/flashlamp – Pumped Solid-State Laser, Q-Switched Laser, Carbon-nanotubes based Saturable Absorber (CNTs-SA), laser system & development and Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor (FODS)

Dr. Azira binti Khalil

Senior Lecturer DS51  | Phone: 06-798 8732

Expertise: Computed Tomography (CT Scan),
Ultrasound, Other Medical Diagnostic Imaging

Dr. Mohd Ifwat Mohd Ghazali

Senior Lecturer DS51  | Phone: 06-798 8782

Expertise: Antenna Technology, Radio Frequency (RF), Microwaves Fabrication Technology

Dr. Muhammad Mus’ab Anas bin Mohd Anas

Senior Lecturer DS51  | Phone: 06-798 7073

Expertise: Physics