Information Security and Assurance

//Information Security and Assurance
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Dr. Sakinah Ali Pitchay

Associate Prof. Dr. Sakinah Ali Pitchay

Associate Professor DS54 & Head of Programme | Phone: +606-798 6426

Expertise: Software Engineering, Image Processing & Probabilistic Modelling

Prof. Dr. Norita Md. Norwawi

Prof. Dr. Norita Md. Norwawi

Professor VK7 | Phone: +606-798 6565

Expertise: Temporal Data Mining, Multiagent Systems & Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Rosalina Abdul Salam

Prof. Dr. Rosalina Abdul Salam

Professor VK7 & Dean | Phone: +606-798 6674

Expertise: Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Associate Prof. Dr. Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi

Associate Professor DS54 | Phone: +606-798 6418

Expertise: Information Technology & e-Services

Associate Prof. Dr. Nurlida Basir

Associate Prof. Dr. Nurlida Basir

Associate Professor DS54 & Director of Center for Quality Assurance, Policy and Academic Excellence (QAPEX) | Phone: +606-798 8236

Expertise: Software Engineering

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Zalisham Jali

Associate Prof. Dr. Mohd Zalisham Jali

Associate Professor DS54 & Deputy Dean (Research & Innovation) of FST  | Phone: +606-798 8762

Expertise: Information Security

Prof. Madya Dr. Waidah Ismail

Associate Prof. Dr. Waidah Ismail

Associate Professor DS54 | Phone: +606-798 6661

Expertise: Cellular Automata, Heuristic Search & Neural Network

Associate Prof. Dr. Madihah Mohd Saudi

Associate Prof. Ts. Dr. Madihah Mohd Saudi

Associate Professor DS54 & Chief Information Officer (CIO) | Phone: +606-798 6507

Expertise: Malware, Incident Response & Data Mining

Associate Prof. Dr. Farida Hazwani Mohd Ridzuan

Senior Lecturer DS54 & Coordinator of PPS | Phone: +606-798 6443

Expertise: Cryptography, Computer Security (SPAM), Web Programming, Industrial Computing

Associate Prof. Dr. Azni Haslizan Ab Halim

Associate Professor DS54 & Deputy Dean of PPS | Phone: +606-798 6369

Expertise: Wireless and Mobile Security

Associate Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohd Fared Abdul Khir

Associate Professor DS54 | Phone:


Dr. Nurdiana Azizan

Dr. Nurdiana Azizan

Senior Lecturer DS52

Expertise: Information Systems

Dr. Nur Fatin Nabila Mohd Rafei Heng

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: +606-798 6367
Expertise: Database, Semantic Web & Software Engineering

En. Shaharudin Ismail

Senior Lecturer DS52

Expertise: Information Security & Information Systems

Dr. Mohd Fadzli Marhusin

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: +606-798 8772

Expertise: Programming, Malware (Behavior based & Signature based detection); Data Mining; Data Privacy;Data Analytics, Cloud Computing Security & Ethical Hacking

Dr. Nurzi Juana Mohd Zaizi

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: +606-798 8769

Expertise: Bioinformatic & Semantic Web

Dr. Roesnita Ismail

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: +606-798 6790

Expertise: Library & Information Science, Human Computer Interaction

Dr. Fauziah Abdul Wahid

Senior Lecturer DS51

Expertise: Information Retrieval, Library Information Science

Dr. Norasikin Fabil

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: +606-798 6424

Expertise: Information Visualization & Multimedia

Dr. Hanifah Abdul Hamid

Lecturer DS52
Expertise: Management Information System

Dr. Zulkifly Mohd Zaki

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: +606-798 6453

Expertise: Computing & Multimedia

Dr. Sundresan Perumal

Senior Lecturer DS51 & Deputy Director of Research and Innovation Management Centre (PPPI) | Phone: +606-798 8789

Expertise: Computer Forensic, Cyber Terrorism & Network Security

Dr. Norhidayah Azman

Senior Lecturer DS51 | Phone: +606-798 8779

Expertise: Social Media & Information Retrieval

Dr. Nur Hafiza Zakaria

Senior Lecturer DS51

Expertise: Cryptography, Block Cipher & S-Box Analysis

Dr. Azuan Ahmad

Senior Lecturer DS51

Expertise: Information Security, Network Security, Malware Research, IPv6 & Internet of Things (IoT)

Dr. Syaril Nizam Omar

Senior Lecturer DS51

Expertise: Information Hiding, Information Security, Smart Analytic

Ms. Azreena Abu Bakar

Lecturer DS45 | Phone: +606-798 6368

Expertise: Information System

Ms. Nurul Fathihin Mohd Noor Shah

Lecturer DS45  | Phone: +606-798 6271

Expertise: Computer Animation and Graphics, Multimedia & HCI

Dr. Anvar Narzullaev

Dr. Anvar Narzullaev

Senior Fellow (Practitioner) FU54 | Phone: +606-798 8770

Expertise: Wireless Communications, Information and Communication Engineering

Dr. Mohd Ilias M Shuhud

Tutor DA41

Expertise: Software Engineering & Business Computing